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Friday, 22 March 2013

Flex Tools

click here to view the Flex tools online brochure available from Tools4stone - 


don't forget we supply the full range of Flex tolls including grinders, Giraffe sanders, Automotive polishers and much more, please contact us for prices and info,


Handy tool  from Flex, available from Tools4stone. please call us for pricing details.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tools4stone Diamond blades in Stock.

Tools4stone Blades in stock.

Multicutter blade, 115mm (4.5") . M14 thread, these blades are great for cutting and shaping of stone, they can be used on a variety of stone including Granite, Limestone, Marble and others.

230mm (9"), these threaded blades are designed to be much safer than standard flanged blades, which when fixed with screws or fastening bolts can sometimes come loose and prove dangerous, the unique design of the Tools4stone flanged blade means that this is no longer a problem, with one central opposite lock thread and fastening bolt these blades can be used safely without fear of the blade wobbling or breaking the screws and causing injury. these blades are ideal for cutting granite, limestone and sandstones.

 Our newly launched Teardrop blades are designed to give a clean cut on abrasive materials and will also cut limestone and granite, these blades are ideal on sandstone.

 Concave cutting blades enable you to cut out circular shapes in stone. Ideal for sink cut outs or for shaping stone, these can be used on most stones and concrete.